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    Thank you bosco_yip

    Referring to Sheet B, as this is the first one I need to do

    In total we have 65 positions, and some employees can have up to 5 positions / responsibilities

    a. The formula supplied only works to a max of 2 position per employee, and up to 9 positions. Is it possible to update it to accommodate the additional parameters?

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, I need to have 2 values populated in Cell C10 and C11 each, which are reffered to By A10 and A11 on sheet B

    So, if it works, it needs to look like this:

    5,6 120 Receiption, Cleaner
    7,8 125 Gardener, Maintenance Manager

    info Automated from Sheet 1:

    Job Numbers
    Job Number Job Title
    1 Director
    2 Marketing
    3 Financial
    4 Sales
    5 Reception
    6 Cleaner
    7 Gardener
    8 Maintenance Manager

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I use Vlookup quite extensively to cross reference documents

    I was wondering if there is a way to cross reference 2 different fields / values in 1 row. For instance:
    Sheet A contains information:

    Ons sheet B, row 10 and 11 refers to two values each on Sheet A. I need both values from Colum B Sheet 1 to reflect in rows 10 and 11, Colum C sheet 2

    Reversely, Sheet A colum C and D refers back to sheet 2. But as the relevant rows in Sheet 2 contain 2 values, they are not populates

    Example sheet attached

    Please assist?

    thank you

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    I have a spreadsheet I use to calculate stock replenishment for an online retailer. I have a specific requirement that I need to maintain a certain stock level in both branches.

    This dictates that 60 % of in stock items need to be available in both branches - not based on quantity per branch, but rather if the branch has stock or not.

    so I need a formula to calculate something like - if a branch has 0 items in stock, the value will remain 0. If it has 1 or more in stock, the value will be 1. I can then use Sum total to calculate per branch the items in stock and maintain the required levels

    Any assistance would be appreciated

    Thank you

    Good Day, Any assistance would be appreciated

    I am looking for a formula to automate text transfer

    Basic function:

    If a Cell contains text, then copy the exact text to another cell.

    Layman's formula:

    If F1 on Sheet one contains text, Paste to A21 on Sheet 6

    I assume the formula will be pasted in the cell to which the text is transferred

    Thank you