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    Hey everyone,

    I have multiple pareto charts with corresponding tables, and the chart displays values when their at zero, does anyone know a way to force the chart to only display the codes with a value greater than zero associated with it.

    As you can see, the chart displays the all the codes on the x-axis and the value of the code (instance of the code) on the y-axis. I want to force the chart to to only display the codes that have a value > zero.

    There are about 27 codes in the table, seen above, so I need the table to automatically aggregate the values, but the chart wont filter out the codes that have zero instances (such as FZ seen above).
    I have tried to use the filter settings through 'Pivot Table Analyze' and the filters on the pivot tables (again, seen above), but no code or filters I have tried seems to rid the chart of the codes with zero values.

    If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.