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    if i want to copy matched value data from another column like C or D

    if i enter a value from another column in (inputbox of what are you looking for?) and then i have to get another inputbox to ask which column range name & then i Type C in inputbox then copy all matched data

    that why i asked

    can you please change the range address to inputbox

    Hi Mumps

    Thank you for written new code it's working fine

    here i need some changes from your vba code

    1. after copying data to outputws sheet then all columns should be autofit

    2. after copying data to outputws sheet then it will show me MsgBox "Results pasted to " & "(" & OutputWs.Name & ")" & " Sheet"

    and select that sheet OutputWs.Select

    3. and it's copying data from heading i don't want to copy heading just copy data only i mean avoid heading in data

    and if i copying data again from another sheet to same outputws sheet then already have data in that outputws sheet is getting overwritten

    Hi Excel Friends

    I Need Help From You

    I have applied this Below VBA to Copy Matched Data from Entire Row with to Given Sheet Name By InPutBox's here what happening this vba is copying matched data from entire workbook to given sheet name by inputbox successfully

    Here what i want this VBA will Copy Matched Data From ActiveSheet only to Given Sheet Name By InPutBox Not from Entireworkbook Match

    and one more if i given a sheet name by inputbox and the sheet is not exist in workbook then it will ask me by msgbox sheet not found do you want to create a sheet by given name then click yes

    here i getting run time error when i type sheet name by inputbox and the sheet is not exist in workbook

    Hi Excel Expert Friends

    I need a small help from you

    Here what I want I am doing data entry From Col-A to Col-D here I want changes in this vba code here if type any value from col-A to col-D then only cursor will move to next cell

    Like if i enter any value on Col-A and Press Enter then move cursor to next cell of Col-B like this for every column from A to D

    If I don’t enter any value on Col-A and Press Enter then a pop-up MsgBox will be show me a message like this

    MsgBox(You Can’t Leave Cell Blank Please Enter any Value to Move to Next Cell)

    Like this I want for every Column From A to D

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
        If Target.Column = 1 Then Range("B" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 2 Then Range("C" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 3 Then Range("D" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 4 Then Range("A" & Target.Row + 1).Select
    End Sub

    i have applied this macro to add +91- before mobile number of 10 digits

    here can any one change this code into worksheet event change macro because

    when i type mobile number in a cell +91- should be add automatically

    here i know we can add +91- in cell range by changing cell range formating into format cells

    in format cells we have apply custom format to add +91- before mobile number

    here i want to add +91- before mobile number in general format only

    Sub Add()
    For Each r In Range("A1:A4")
        If Not (Left(r.Value, 2) = "+91-") Then
            r.Value = "+91-" & r.Value
        End If
    Next r
    End Sub

    when i am run this macro it's protecting whole active sheet and again run again macro it's don't unprotecting i want to protect and unprotect just a in range A1 to D20

    when i am running this macro to protect and unprotect in given range it is protecting as well and when i am again running this macro to unprotect it's not unprotecting