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    Hi, I would like to find the next closest text matches. Say for example a formula in my worksheet produces the following text string 800 x 800 60 FF and I have a list of values that contained the following

    720 x 720 60 FF

    770 x 770 60 FF

    820 x 820 60 FF

    870 x 870 60 FF

    I would like to highlight we have both 770 x 770 60 FF and 820 x 820 60 FF as standard items.

    I don't mind solutions that are based formulas or VBA.

    The source data updates when the dashboard file is opened, no data is deleted, the updates are either data rows added for new projects or dates for milestones have been added to existing rows. The data table from the external source and all pivot tables are set to update on file opening. The dashboard will update on the file opening and works as expected without the slicer present.


    I have created a dashboard using a table from an external data source and pivot tables which works fine, however, when I add a slicer to allow me to select the data by month the pivot tables don't refresh unless I unselect and then reselect the months on the slicer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

    There are reasons for the two tables of data and the different number of columns.

    I am not moving data but creating dynamically updated sheets with the data copied and separated into different sheets by the status.

    The code works except when the row count by status equals one.

    I would prefer to use one sheet and just use the filters, however, some of the team want to have separate tabs listing work by status, prior to this they have been working with paper lists, it appears filters is just a step too far :D


    I found this code in another thread which I have modified to suit my needs, it works well until there is only one record in my WIP Data sheet matching the criteria and it then creates 8 instances of the same thing in the destination worksheet rather than 1.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated