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    Hello brainers,
    I have a VBA and this will extract all 4-digit numeric values from cell into next colums of the every row. Now I want 2 modifications in this VBA to extract 4-digit alpha value

    and 4-digit alphanumeric mix value. So in fact I want three types of data extraction:
    4-digit numeric (for which I have VBA below)

    4-digit alpha (for which I want VBA modification)
    4-digit alphanumeric (for which I want VBA modification)

    Here is VBA for extraction of 4-digit numeric only value,

    Re: Finding all four digit numbers in a string

    You are awesome, jindon you are fantastic dear, it workded fine for 4-digit numeric values. You made my day.
    Now can you please help me by making two smiliar VBA codes one for 4 digit Alpha value and second for four digit Alpha+Numeric mix value. Thanks in advance.