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    Hello there, excellent forum!

    I found this excellent macro to fill a word template based on named cells in excel and bookmarks in word.

    In my excel entry mask (which is for the input to populate the word template) not every named cell will contain a certain value. In case there is no value (such as age = 18 , height = 5'10 etc.) the entry will be = "not specified" (chosen from a drop down).

    My question is - Is there a way to realize the following: I would like to have a part of the text (defined by font color) in word deleted if certain bookmarks (or the equivalent named cells in excel) contain the value "not specified", e.g.

    If bookmarkHeight = "not specified", then delete green text from the word file

    If bookmarkAge = "not specified", then delete yellow text from the word file

    If bookmarkWeight = "not specified", then delete blue text from the word file

    Looking forward to hearing from you!