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    Actually, because you ask this question, I tried one and it works. I thought I would have to tell Excel where to find the subs. Hard to believe it is so easy!!! Of course I have to pass extra parameters, but that's ok. Thanks anyway.

    Actually, you are right. I have my number in B2 and not B3 so when I changed that it works!!!

    Thank-you so much for your help.

    I don't quite understand how Index knows to look at this sheet but maybe I will figure that out eventually.

    Thanks for trying, Rory but this does not work and the error is #VALUE!.

    B3 is a cell on this sheet and all the rest is from a different sheet that I am trying to copy to this sheet.

    B3 specifies what row to get data from other sheet. And I want my VBA to write to that B3 cell each time row changes.

    I have an excel formula like this =(b1Scores!BD3)
    but I want the digit 3 to be taken from a cell "B3" (that my VBA will write)
    I think I need to use the INDIRECT but I can't get the syntax correct. This is what I have
    It shows this error #NAME?