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    Re: Autofilter range (table) field with multiple criteria 'contains'

    You won't be able to do that many multi-contains using just AutoFilter. But, I think you're on the right track with ADvFilter. You could have your filter take the users input, split it on commas, and write to some cells on a hidden worksheet. Have that hidden worksheet setup to be your criteria range of an AdvFilter, and you're good to go. See the attached for an example. Try typing something like
    Apple,Blue into A1, and you'll see the filter work.

    Hi Luke,

    if my column which needs to be searched is not column A (it is Column AI) so what I have to amend in your code to get it work?

    Thanks so much for your reply!

    Hi Apo,

    this is is excactly what I need - but I have a silly question: My row which needs to be searched is not column A (column 1) it is column AI (column 36) how I have to amend your macro to get this work?