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    Hi Roy,

    I ended up using this code

    Which I have manged to get working now, the issue I am now having is the output on sheet 2 is fine, but when I copy and paste it adds additional "" to each line.

    I then found some code on the web to remove and export the output to a txt file, but when I copy and paste it in to the program I am using it adds them again ||

    Afternoon team, I just after some help, I would like to automate a task where I can add some data to a SS and have it combine some detail for me. To date I have been using a formula to Concatenate the data, but there is still an amount of manual effort involved. I have a basic knowledge of VBA and know it is possible just not where to start.

    List of names will be in columns A - D, rows down until empty

    A1 – A99 B1-B99 C1 – C99 D1-D99

    BBH-Name This is a note Extra Note

    I need the combine the columns with some other info so that the output looks like below:

    So essentially the column A detail is in bold to show where it needs to go.

    object Host "BBH-Name" {

    notes = "This is a note, Extra Note"

    address = ""

    import "generic-host"

    vars.type = "Printer"

    check_command = "hostalive"

    vars.snmp_printer["Toner"] = {snmp_printer_consum = ""}

    vars.snmp_printer["Messages"] = {snmp_printer_messages = ""}

    vars.snmp_printer["Pagecount"] = {snmp_printer_pagecount = ""}

    vars.snmp_printer["Trays"] = {snmp_printer_trays = ""}


    The output needs to be put in a cell, on a separate sheet so I can copy and paste into a text file.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.