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    Have you tried Power Query? That might work for this.

    I don't get an error message. It just still saves to random folders. Just used the code below and it saved to the Documents folder on my computer, not the folder the file is in.

    Sometimes my macro saves correctly, and other times, they save to a different file. Any idea why these are sending documents to the incorrect folder sometimes and the correct one other times? I'm just trying to save the workbook in the same folder that it is already in and add the date at the end - one in PDF format and the other in excel format.

    Thank y ou!

    Cell has =+IF(A21<=$A$20,VLOOKUP(A21,Inputs!$N$17:$O$26,2,FALSE),"") in it; however, when the cell is false and turns out "", which is nothing in the cell, how do I hide/delete the rows?

    2 Macro Issues

    Sub SaveAsFile: I have the same macro for a PDF conversion, and it works. For whatever reason, when I use the below, it doesn't save the excel macro enabled workbook to the same path the file is in. Once I get the SaveAsFile done, I want to add another macro at the bottom that saves the excel in the same location with the current date at the end upon opening.