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    Which is best

    I have a massive Excel workbook with 150 work sheets in it containing sensitive data form each of our customer accounts. Each month I filter each work sheet to the current month, update some fields and add some notes, as part of my audit. At the end of the audit, I use a power query to consolidate all the worksheets that have anything to do with the month I was auditing.

    Each of the work sheets was once one massive worksheet that I managed to get excel to split into worksheets based on the customer reference. Some worksheets can have as little as one row and others can have up to 15-20,000 rows

    A customer reference may have many contracts with us, each contract can be 1 to say 10 lines or more

    The contract reference will be the same – the lines were originally free text. There is things like qty, unit and total price and other details like site, post code and my audit columns

    The issue I have is the original data is now over a year old, so what I want is to be able to somehow merge in current data without losing any old data

    I don’t mind if converted to SQL and able to display some sort of form so I can see the details, edit and add in comments

    I need to be able to see data by customer, by month

    Would anyone have any brilliant ideas?

    I would say I am intermediate @ excel but will google and ask for help if I need it

    My SQL is almost non-existent, and not currently installed on my new machine

    I could perhaps show some examples but I can't share the workbook due to the sensative company data