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    Thank you. It certainly does add a new row where it should do.

    I realize that my request was not 100% correct. As adding a new row copies the formulas down, so that all the data on the Table is exactly the same.

    How could the code be altered so that it would keep the existing data on the Table? Perhaps just inserting a new row, where it is and not copying formulas, as the code copies new data from the generated invoice at the end.

    With oNewrow.Range
             .Cells(2).Formula = "='" & strName & "'!$A$7"
            .Cells(3).Formula = "='" & strName & "'!$K$4"
            .Cells(4).Formula = "='" & strName & "'!$K$6"
            .Cells(5).Formula = "='" & strName & "'!$M$34"
            .Cells(6).Formula = "='" & strName & "'!$I$40"
            .Parent.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Cells(1), Address:="", _
                                          SubAddress:="'" & strName & "'!A1", TextToDisplay:=strName

    My bad, I'm sorry but really greatful for your help and input already!

    Progress after few days:

    I converted the Summary-sheets Range of Data as Table but it stopped working.

    I haven't worked with Tables and VBA before. Got it working without a Table but realized Table would be so much better solution, but can not execute it.

    How can I

    • insert a Row straight after Table (on summary sheet) and
    • copy the formulas as there is now (to import data from the recently added Invoice).

    See attached excel, perhaps it is easier to understand?

    Yes it can be done with Tables but then the other VBA's does not feed info to the cells from the other sheets. They feed the data after the Table.

    Just FYI: here is the code for that.

    I have a summary sheet which gets information feed to the cells from other sheets.

    The attached example file does include the other sheets.

    As this file has several users, which have beginner excel skills. Their only job is to fill in the "Paid date".

    The created rows will come to an end at some point, so I wanted to create a button, which will ask the user

    how many rows they would like to add. To make the file easy to use.

    This far I came and now I get a warning: Run-time error '1004', Method 'Range' of object_Global' failed.

    And the code does not copy formulas from row 4.

    VBA code so far:

    My questions:

    1) Is it possible to skip asking "where to insert the new rows" -> insert the new rows straight after latest cell on column A, where is a value.

    2) Copy the formulas from the first row number 4, to the new rows?

    I'm really a beginner with VBA, so any help would be just wonderful!

    ps. the file attached.