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    I host multiple seminars per year. Each event is attended by 200-300 people.

    All attendee information is stored on one spreadsheet. I have created a user form that the administrator can use to assign a table number to an attendee.

    I would like to create pivot tables that just contain first and last name that automatically populate when a table number is assigned to an attendee. However, the issue I am facing is at the time I create the pivot tables no one will be assigned to any of the tables. From what I know, it is not possible to have a pivot table that does not hold any data.

    Can anyone suggest a workaround to this problem or maybe suggest an entirely different approach to displaying all seating information on one spreadsheet?


    Rory -

    Your suggestion fixed the issue! Unfortunately, it appears to have caused a different error: when I attempt to edit and save a record I get the following error message, "Compile Error: Sub or Function Not Defined".

    The error occurs on Line 22

    I recently found sample code online for a Student Registration Userform that I downloaded and modified for my needs. I was able to modify everything successfully to meet my needs with the exception of the "Search" function.

    To use the search function the user must enter a search term, such as a student's last name, click the "Search" button and all records matching the search term will be displayed in the corresponding listbox. However, this process generates the following error message, "Compile Error: Invalid Use Of Me Keyword". I have tried modifying the code in several ways, but always end up with the same error message.

    Any suggestions regarding correcting the code or even deleting the functionality the offending code references would be appreciated. See code below.

    "Me Error" is Line 31

    I am building a userform to track seminar invitation responses. Amongst other things, the form will contain three option buttons; "Accept, Decline, No Response". However, I am having issues with the coding and cannot find any online resources to help me.

    There will possibly as many as 500 records that will be saved to a spreadsheet. I *think* my main issue is with the Range always pointing to C3.

    It would be great if anyone has any suggestions or can point me to a good online resource.


    Here is the code I have so far:

    I have, what I think is a fairly simple question:

    I have created a userform with 6 textboxes and one combobox. At the moment everything works perfectly, however, I would like to change the location the data is saved to.

    At the moment, the data is saved to the first available cell in the upper right hand corner of the spreadsheet. However, I would like to save the data to a specific location on a different hidden worksheet. The purpose of this is to prevent access to the data table by the end user.

    Hopefully, someone has an easy answer to this question. I have included the relevant code below