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    Finally got back to this.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    While the DeleteLinks add-in didn't work for this workbook it will be a valuable tool to have in the future I'm sure. I did some more searches within the workbook and finally found one last REF in a formula. Cleared it and the problem went away. Thanks much!:biggrin:

    Tried all suggestions.
    Turned off the Question - didn't stop it from showing that it can't find the file to link to.
    I did find a REF in name ranges and fixed it.
    Edit links does show a link but I still can't find it. Did a find for protions of the workbook name it is looking for and came up empty. Is there another way to find the linked cell?
    MHofer :(

    I did a couple copy & paste link from one sheet to another. It caused the dreaded automatic links message when the sheet is opened. I searched & deleted the link in each formula I could find that had them but still can't get rid of the message when the sheet opens. Changing the links to Manual is not an available option. Any ideas on how to get rid of the automatic links message?