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    I have a table with different data about a gene, e.g. name, origin,...
    This table contains one column with five different colours which stand for five different people (see attachment).
    Now I want to export the Excel table and save it as .csv - file, for further data management.

    When I try to save it as csv file, the colour coding column is not exported properly, i.e. the column does not contain values for the different colours.
    Is it possible to export this coloured column properly, with certain values standing for the five different colours used in this column?

    I enclosed an example worksheet for my problem.


    Re: marking every fourth cell in a column

    I'll try the VBA.
    I want to mark (e.g. for copy/paste) every fourth value, i.e. row of the column.
    I saved the VBA Code as Macro. When I run it, every fourth cell is highlighted. My aim is to select each fourth row, so that I can copy or paste each forth row.


    Re: Sort List

    I came to a conclusion myself: just mark the list columns you want to sort, then go to 'Data-Sort'. Here you can adjust sort column criterta...

    Thanks anyway for your help!

    Re: Sort List

    These are the columns which I want to sort in a ascending or descending order:


    I have the attached Excel list I made myself.
    The column 'LOCUS' is the main header, all other data columns like GI_Number or Date correspond to the LOCUS name written in the left column.
    It is important to sort the rows descending/ascending according to different data columns like IEP's or Base Pairs,...

    How can I do that? I tried to mark the whole list and push the Sort Buttons, but this resulted in only sorting the LOCUS. I also tried to sort one column alone, but then only this one column is being sorted and the LOCUS is not corresponding to the data column anymore (data is being mixed up). So I must find a way to sort rowwise, choosing a certain column for sort criteria.


    Here is the code of the Button "nächstDS":
    Private Sub nächstDS_Click()
    On Error GoTo Err_nächstDS_Click

    DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_nächstDS_Click

    End Sub

    How must I change this code in order to get a message box with the question "Do you want to change the Data Set?", with yes/no - Choice.
    I already tried some, but I dont knoe how to make a distinction between yes/no...


    I will send you the actual version of my DB as I made some changes for the Comboboxes.

    General Info:
    Motivation: DB is for Cancer/HIV research. (I make an internship at the moment)
    1 Experiment has different groups.
    1 Group has different Animals.
    1 Animal can have different Befunde (=clinical findings).
    Each group has numbers 1,2,3,4...
    Each Experiment has own groups which refer only to this Experiment.
    The Animals have numbers corresponding to the groups they are in: 101, 102,103,...201,202,203,...
    This Format is the same for all Experiments.

    Main Form: frmMain.
    You can enter data for Experiment, Group, and Animals.
    I more or less solved the problem with the depending ComboBoxes in "Befunde": if someone chooses e.g. Leber (=liver), the other two ComboBoxes change their content corresponding to Leber.
    Herefore, I made Queries for tblBefundsammlung and some lines of Code.
    (Right now, it functions only for Leber and Nieren, but later on I will have to enter much more data for all the other Organs into "tblBefundsammlung")

    The problems:
    one animal may have only one "Befund" for each Organ (logically...). I need some restriction if the user wants to enter two or more "Befunde" for the same Animal and the same Organ.
    the Comboboxes Zone1 and Zone2 should change their content like the first two ComboBoxes. Their data is stored in tblZone1 and tblZone2.
    The Adjectives 1 to 6 are the same for all Organs (see tblAdjektive).
    The Animal Number as shown in frmMain is not correctly stored in tblBefund_Organ.

    Not too easy to understand and to explain, just ask!


    in my database, I enter "Befunde" in frmMain. There are cascading forms.
    The Komboboxes 'Befund_d' und 'Befund_e' should be dependant on the Kombobox 'Organ'.
    But it doesn't work properly:
    - I can't enter data records properly.
    - the data isn't stored rightfully in the

    If someone could have a look at my database and give me advice, I would be grateful.