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    I have the following code to start a Demo - presentation from a Userform Button in a Excel Sheet:

    Private Sub Demo_Click()
    ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:="V:\_Projects\Target_validation_DB\_Overview\Demo\DEMO_DB.pps", _
    End Sub

    But nevertheless this code does not start the slide show modus of Power Point, but the edit modus.
    How can I start the Slide Show Modus of the Hyperlink automatically?



    I use Excel XP. In a worksheet I need 4 different rules for conditional formatting, but Excel only provides a maximum of 3 rules which can be defined. Can anybody help me how I can do 4 (or more) rules?
    Here my 4 cases:
    +/u, +/nc, +/d, -
    Perhaps I can get along with only 2 conditions: e.g. blue formatting for all cells with a "+" or more in it, and red for all cells with a "-" in it?
    Nevertheless, Excel only has conditions like "equal", ... and not "the cell contains at least a "+".

    If anyone has a tipp for me I would be grateful.


    your uncheck-method only works on my own computer, but the excel-file has to work on a network.
    So I had a look upon the thread you gave me. But I don't comprehend the solution the "Super Admin" proposed... can you explain it in a better way?
    E.g. I don't know where I have to put which code sample, if I have to make a new Excel file,...
    Here is my real file position which should be opened with automatic link update:


    Thanks for your help,


    one Problem left: in ThisWorkboob, you have written the following code:

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
    Dim myrng As Range
    Set myrng = Sheet4.Range("A4:D18")
    myrng.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
    End Sub

    How can I change it so that it affects all worksheets in my workbook, not only Sheet4.Range?



    first there's s userform loaded automatically with the following code:

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
      Call fncHasUserformCaption(False) ' UserForm ohne Titelleiste laden, damit es nicht verschoben werden kann
      TextBox4.Text = Format(Now, "   hh:mm") 'Anzeige von Datum und Zeit
        'CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Enabled = True
        Application.DisplayFullScreen = False
    End Sub

    and the following procedure is being called when the workbook is opened:

    other code being called with the workbook's startup I couldn't find.


    I've inserted Ralph's EventChange-Procedure into my Excel-Workbook. It works good. But how can I remedy the highlighted cells if the user does not click onto the highlighted cell?
    Perhaps when the user changes the worksheet or closes the workbook, the highlighted cells of the worksheets should be normal again... does anybody know how to do this?


    I have tried the temporary highlight solution with the 3 seconds - Timer from Ralph.
    Therefore I put a Button into one of my Worksheets which calls the Userform1. This Userform I have imported. But when I submit a query from which I know is in a cell of this worksheet, there is always the Message "Could not find..." , although the target is written in a cell of my worksheet.

    Does it only search a specific part of the worksheet and not its whole range? I also don't quite understand the code of UserForm1, e.g. the purpose of faddress or i
    Few Information about my workbook:
    Six worksheets, each with many columns (until "BU") and 150 rows. Row 2 contains about 20 Hyperlinks cells which are merged cells with range of 4 rows each. The Name of these Hyperlinks shown in the cells (not the linked file...) should be included into the search.
    In each worksheet I want a Search Button.

    But also normal cells couldn't be found...

    I don't know why this isn't working out.