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    I have a multi-step problem I am trying to solve with either Google Sheets or Excel. First, I have a sheet which lists all the names and the assigned classes and I need to find occurrences of the Class name and put each of the names into a single cell next to the Class name. Then, on another sheet I have each of the names linked to one of four colours. I then need to pull the matching colour from this sheet and apply it to each instance of the name in the cell.


    Worksheet 1

    This kidClass AClass CClass B
    That kidClass C Class DClass H
    Your kidClass BClass AClass E
    Other kidClass EClass FClass A

    Worksheet 2

    This kid

    That kid

    Your kid

    Other kid

    Worksheet 3 (Final product)

    Class AThis kid; That kid; Other kid
    Class BOther kid; Your kid; That kid; This kid

    I have been struggling with this for a couple of years and would appreciate any help I could get.