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    Hi. I've tried my best to make my own code.

    My aim is to highlight the cells in the other sheets based on the dates in D20, E21 and E20.

    Here's what I tried by recording what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, it isn't able to highlight the cells that I want to be highlighted. The code works only to make the dates into the format that I want but it isn't able to copy and paste to the conditional formatting and do the highlighting. May I know what I can do to the code to highlight the cells containing the dates in D20, E21, and E20?

    D20 = contains the date today in ddmmmyy

    E20 = contains the next working date in ddmmmyyy

    E21 = contains the date today in ddmmmyyyy

    Cells with date today (D20 and E21) should be in yellow

    Cells with next working date (E20) should be in blue

    Appreciate any help please. Thanks.