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    Hello. (Sorry if anything gets bad written, as I'm Portuguese)

    I'm fairly new to Excel VBA programing, and I need some help.

    I'm currently trying to build one spreadsheet on excel to evaluate my work schedule, to calculate the amount of money that I should receive on the end of month.

    I have achieved almost all I want, but now I have hit a wall.

    On one previous version, I had used only excel and got the spreadsheet to work using very very nested IF clauses. Now I want to do something more elaborate and decided to code in VBA in excel.

    My problem is that to the monthly income I received, I have to take a percentage for IRS discounts.

    I have a table in a spreadsheet (attached), from which I need to extract the percentage for IRS discounts. That percentage is related to the monthly remuneration and the number of children).

    I have tried using index and match, but I'm not able to select the values from the table.

    For example, lets say I received this month 1010€ and I have no children. Acording to that attached table de discount percentage should be 12,1%

    How can I program a routine in excel vba to feed those numbers and the program select the apropriate value from the table?

    Many many thanks,

    Amílcar Bastos