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    Re: Access Report Footer Averages

    Will Riley

    Thanks for your reply.

    It was exactly what I needed

    The comment posted on the other forum was not meant to run this forum down or anyone who replied to my thread here, but to explain why I was cross posting my query on that site as well.

    I am not always aware of what holidays are being observed in other areas & believe that if no response is received within 20 hours of my last posting, that posting the same question on another forum is acceptable.

    If the comment that I have posted on this forum or on have offended anyone Please accept my apology

    I am new to creating Access reports

    Based on a query I have a report that pulls completed work that I have not been paid for.

    The report groups completed work by date
    Each completed task has its own Value field
    The completed date footer has a field to sum that days $ value

    In the Report footer how do I get an average of the daily $ value?

    Via a form I update an Access 2003 database with various information

    The database & form has a field for the length of time a task took to complete. The entry is in h:mm format

    Also another field for the payment amount of the completed task in $.cc format.

    After the above fields have been filled, I need to populate a 3rd field with the hourly pay rate for the completed task.

    The length of time a task takes & the total payment paid various with each task.

    How do I calculate the hourly pay rate

    The time taken is in a Textbox named tbRouteTime
    The Payment amount is in a Textbox named tbValue
    The Hourly pay rate goes into a Textbox named tbHourRate

    Thanks in Advance for your assistance

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    Re: Move Files To Dynamic Folders Based On Cell Value

    If cell A1 is blank then macro will continue to loop on the same file. This is because there is no To folder to create.

    Try this modified macro. It tests if A1 has a value, If no value displays an alert & macro stops leaving the book open.

    As an added precaution I have also added some code to ensure that it is looking at cell A1 from the book just opened and not the book with the macro

    Re: Move Files To Dynamic Folders Based On Cell Value

    try this macro

    Modify spathfrom as required
    Modify range A1 as required

    Re: Keep Autofilter Custom Dialogue Box Open

    Your question does not make sense as the filter options that is open is for the one column only & only closes once you select cancel or ok. Excel can not filter the list until the ok button is pressed. To filter on multiple columns you then need to select the list for each column in turn

    Re: Finding Last Used Column


    You are correct it is wrong

    should be as you suggested

    'find last used column in row 1
    iLastColumn = Cells(1, columns.count).End(xlToLeft).Column

    Re: Finding Last Used Column

    Here is a few different ways to get last row & column

    Re: Restrict Fields To Only Text Without Numbers (excel)

    From the Data Menu >
    Select Validation >
    Settings Tab >
    From the Allow dropdown list select Custom >
    In the Formula box enter =NOT(ISNUMBER(A1:A5))
    Change cell range as required
    Select Input Message Tab >
    Enter Title & Message if special message required
    Select Error Alert Tab >
    Enter Title & Message if special message required

    Re: Search Cell For Text

    Try Instr or even InstrRev commands. InstrRev not available pre Excel 2000

    If InStr(1, Cells(r, 6).Value, "Bismarck") > 0 Then

    Re: Macro Code Error To Paste Text

    When copying & pasting values there is a much quicker way to do it


    Dim lLR As Long
    With Sheets("Database")
       lLR = .Cells(Rows.Count, "b").End(xlUp).Row
       .Range("b" & lLR, "k" & lLR).Value = Range("B4:K4").Value
    End With

    Re: Counting Cells Within Vba


    Re: Format Result Of Date Difference To 2 Decimal Places

    this function is the same as Gizzmo posted with a modification that takes into account the number of days in the month of date 2 similar to what Reafidy has already posted. but as I was working on it when he replied I thought I will still add my 2 cents worth