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    I have a table. The first column has job names. The second column uses cell("address") to give me the sheet and cell address that the job is found. That all works great. What I would like to do though is add a few rows to the results of the cell("address"), for example instead of the result being sheet2!$D$1 I would like it to return with sheet2!$D$4. Anyone got anything for this?

    Here is the original formula I am working with


    O1 is a cell that contains the sheet name to look in, D1:FM1 are the cells that will contain the value being matched, and AM3 contains the value to match. The returned response is

    ' FY22 Teams'!$D$1

    Which is accurate, but I would like it to return the cell a few rows down

    When I try to do a +3 on the index part it adds 3 to the column, but the row stays at 1. Example formula is


    Response is now

    'FY22 Teams'!$G$1

    Where I want to add the 3 to the rows and keep the column the same