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    Can anyone help me with an excel vba userform issue im having?

    I’m trying to copy and paste data in a cell from one worksheet to another, but when I try to paste the data into the second worksheet, it pastes it into the same cell, but on the first worksheet??

    Im launching a userform via a macro on the first worksheet, called “Risk Assessment”. This switches over to the second worksheet, called “Hazard Selector”, and loads my userform.

    Heres the code for that macro, assigned to a button in the “risk assessment” worksheet.

    Sub HazardWizard()

    Sheets("Hazard Selector").Select


    End Sub

    I then use the form to make some selections in the “Hazard Selector” sheet, which put data into cell D11 on the “Hazard Selector” sheet.

    Using a button on the userform I then want to copy this D11 data, switch back to the “Risk Assessment” worksheet and close the userform. Im using this code to do this, assigned to a button on the Userform.

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


    Sheets("Risk Assessment").Select

    Unload Me

    End Sub

    This seems to work, and I have the contents of cell D11 on my clipboard, however, when I now try and paste this data into my “Risk Assessment” worksheet, for example into cell A1- nothing happens.

    Instead, the contents paste into the “Hazard Selector” worksheet instead, into cell A1?!

    I cant for the life of me figure out why, can anyone help?!

    Many thanks