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    Hi guys, I have my excel with so many formulas, and I agree a new formula


    Funtion like this, but the formula look the value in other book, I put this formula in so many cell, this cause when I open o when I down or up the sheet, the procces of calculation of excel its so slow

    say calculate 4 subprocess and its so slow

    How can I improve that?

    Hi guys, me again.

    I have one code like this, its in spanish


    I select the word of the cell L395 to vlookup in other book, example I look for the value 1500 but in the other book say a1500, I need put * in the formula like =VLOOKUP("*"&L395....

    But when I find the value like only 1500 with the same formula this formula =VLOOKUP("*"&L395.... it doesn't work for me cause the formula search the value after other value, cause have "*", how can I make the formula for look the value 1500 for example, before, after or between other value?? I want to have in differents cell a1500, 1500, 1500a, a1500a and find 1500 with VLOOKUP, I have this code for this actually but this slows down my excel because have one "*" like condition for one VLOOKUP


    Hi guys, I have this code, this makes an autofilter in real time, all right, but when I put some number for filter in column with numbers this show nothing, whats wrong? pls help

    Hi guys, I have this table

    And this code, this code makes an autofilter in real time, the problem is when I have a filter on anyone row, the code only search with the filtered information but not with all information from the table, how can i make the code search entire table?

    Hi guys, I have the next code, this is a real time autofilter on excel

    I want to when the text box its clean this filter with criterial "PENDIENTE" o field 15, but this not work, whats wrong?, with the button }works but with clean text box not work.

    Hi guys, how I can combine this two code for worsheet_change?

    Private Sub Worksheet(ByVal Target As Range)
    On Error Resume Next    With Target    If .CountLarge > 1 Or .Column <> 15 Then Exit Sub        .ClearComments        On Error GoTo 0        .AddComment        .Comment.Text Text:="Recepcionado el " & Format(Date, "long date") & " por: " & Application.UserName        .Comment.Visible = True    End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub Worksheet_2(ByVal Target As Range)
    On Error Resume Next    With Target    If .CountLarge > 1 Or .Column <> 16 Then Exit Sub        .ClearComments        On Error GoTo 0        .AddComment        .Comment.Text Text:="Confirmado el: " & Format(Date, "long date") & " por: " & Application.UserName        .Comment.Visible = True    End With
    End Sub

    Hi guys, I have this sample formula



    this is in the cell O79 for example, but I want when I write RECIBED on the O78 cell in the O79 cell show de date of the day of modification, cause I need a date of RECIBED and I'm looking for it to be automatic :P

    Hi dears, I have mi data base on excel with trucks, I have DT trucks and numbers trucks ex:

    B1= 100

    B2= 101

    B3= 102


    B50= 150, you know, continuous number, en this its easy cause I need displace the cell, but when I have a DT its like this

    B51= DT

    B52= 151

    And my question: How I can put DT on the cell but make the down cell omit that DT and continue with de last number? :(

    Hi, how can i change the code for send a pdf file from my computer?

    Hi guys, I have mi excel with a button in each cell like img, this is for print de information to that row, I have the next code for that:

    But that code is for print de information of the row of the active cell, but when i press de button print that not active the cell, that is my question, how can i do that when i select de img to print the cell also activated?

    Hi dears, I have this code

    Range(activecell, Activecell.end(xlToLeft)).copy

    But the code onlye select to the empty cell, how I can i make it select all cell and empty too?