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    Hi roy,

    Thank you for replying, having it in one sheet does not look clean for the rest of my colleagues because it will be a long list of data. It has always been separated based on different company sector data and now i am tasked to find a solution in creating a filter which loops through all worksheet data.

    If you have any solution in mind appreciate the sharing.



    Good day everyone,

    I am working in an engineering company and have been tasked to create a sort of filter for their excel file. There are hundreds of different sheets of products updated monthly.

    Im not sure what vba code to type out, there is a layout of search box on sheet 1 which the user will be able to key any word or number value in text box and similar multiple results from the different sheets of products will populate below it as a full row from month to location. Also im not sure if its possible for photos from data sheets will follow the filter to the sheet 1 too. PS: black collumns also will be populated onto sheet 1 so full row of data...

    I kindly seek your guidance anyone out there if you can provide me a sample coding, reference link or you may edit my sheet to test it out thank you very much