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    Yes! And thank you very much in advance for the suggestion to clarify.

    What Im looking to do with the above script is to zero out the Transition To Bill "New Bill" field by aggregating/moving it into the "Billed" field by simply adding it to the formula for an updated calculation.

    Heres the reasoning: When I want to create a current bill, i like to see (by peeking into the "Billed" field formula) what past billing amounts were to get a rough idea of how to bill the current period.

    Good Day to All.

    I am using the below code to try to add a New Value (Cell 4,4) to a pre-existing value (Cell 5,4) without erasing the string details. An example of the process is shown below:

    Step 1

    Step 2

    What am I missing from this code? Because its not keeping all the previously entered values/string characters in place as I am adding a new number/value

    Much appreciated in advance!!!!