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    Why have 3 sheets? You should use one sheet to record all invoice data on Invoice Number,Invoice Date, Amount,etc including one for Date Paid. Then you build reports based on that.

    Your present design, especially having empty columns between the data is no good for working with data in Excel.

    Data in Excel


    I'm trying to process the data on sheet on with the data on sheet two and sheet 3 is the output


    Soo, sheet one is invoices so customer 100000 has $92, sheet 2 is the opening balance for each customer, in this case $-92 , as a result i want to apply the -92 to the 3 invoices in tab one, resulting in noting from sheet one being transferred to sheet 3. For the second customer 0000273518 there opening balance was 0 so i want all related transactions to be transferred over. for the 3rd 0001040000 they had a positive balance i want all the transactions transferred over and so on and so on

    i hope its possible, and thanks for any help.