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    You are 100% correct. If no vulnerability status (Col C), whole row is not filled. The original doc is wrong.

    Does your code say "keep fill" or does it attribute RGB or Hex numbers? If so, this is what we use:

    The grey fill RGB is R 230, G 231, B 232; and Hex #E6E7E8.

    Row 4: Aasvoël, Swart- Torgos tracheliotos (B,B) should also be grey, we have no species on the red list in South Africa (yet). In summary thus, only light grey fill or no fill.

    Thanks SO much for your assistance.

    Hi KjBox

    I've encountered a small problem with the translated birding list.

    Your code works a charm on "normal" names.

    Some names however, contain a hyphen which "connect" the two words when spoken in Afrikaans (sort of Dutch-ish). This hyphen needs to stay after the split.

    I'm too scared to fiddle with your code however to keep it with the name.

    The attached file illustrates the problem. Could you please assist me with the modified code>


    Hi KjBox

    Wow! I am ever so grateful to you for the code, it would have taken me weeks to do it manually as there are almost a thousand row in the sheet. I am compiling a bird ID book for a secondary school, therefore the spli as I have to use the latin name as a lookup reference to translate it into another language.. Thanks SO much.


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    Good day, I need to split text to columns where the itaisized words are taken to the next column.

    Current Column A = Pied Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta

    When split,

    "New" Column A = Pied Avocet


    Column B = Recurvirostra avosetta

    Once done, I can use TRIM to get rid of superfluous spaces.

    Willl the above be possible with some VBA clever code please?