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    Hi I have a working code given to me from another forum for a specific task and added/modified some of it (like which column to copy, intervals, savepath, etc.):
    When a button is clicked, it will pop-up a listbox that list all the sheets in the current workbook
    When another button is clicked All selected sheet in the listbox will have specific columns copied from each of them (example column F:F of each) and pasted to a new workbook with 1 column interval per paste
    now I want to transfer this in my userform w/ listbox and button and a filter for sheetname, I cant figure out how to have the exact same function working

    Here is the existing code

    Now I have a userform that list a filtered name of sheets and i want the button of this userform to have the same sequence and function of the working code

    I also attached a sample file with bot the buttons
    orange is the working one and pink is the new one

    userform4 is the one to be used

    module2 has the action code of the working code.

    hope someone can help , thanks!

    Hi, I am trying to make a userform pop-out when a button is clicked, then that user form will have multiple dependent dropdown list

    1st drop down column list is the main ones, means its the name of the zones

    2nd drop down column list is dependent on what you chose on 1st drop down

    looks like this

    1st drop down list additional condition is if it is already selected it will not be available in the list anymore

    after the userform pops out you will need to select from 1st column and from the 2nd column (minimum of 1 and maximum of 7 selections for each)
    then a 3rd part

    with just a single selection of main zone (same dropdown list as the 1st column)

    here's what the userform looks like

    I have also attached the sample file with the userform inside it

    hope someone can help thanks!

    It would be easier to help if you could attach a copy of your file (de-sensitized if necessary).

    Like This, the sheet contains say A Building 1, for this building we have 4 blocks, A, B, C, and D
    I need a button that will pop-up a listbox listing all the current worksheets (A, B, C, and D, in this case) if I add another worksheet it will also be on the list, then all those selected in listbox, will copy the Column I , of each selected worksheet. (Formula column in this case). and Paste it to a New Generated Worksheet (through button too) so the New Generated Sheet will contain the same Column A:F , then for Column I:I and so on will have the the copied value from selected sheets in listbox

    I selected Blocks A, B, and D in the popped up listbox
    new generated sheet will contain

    A:F column of the sheet as it is all the same
    Then for Column I , it will contain the column I of sheet Block A
    then 2 intervals so Column L will contain the Column I of sheet Block B

    then another 2 interval, Column O will contain the column I of sheet Block D

    I have included a sample worksheet on how its supposed to look like when selecting A B D

    i dont know if I understand what your goal is but is it you want a formula that will return how many quantity of that specific coin you have based on your records and will match the 3 criteria youre looking for?

    for example youre checking for the yellow line if you have it in your records?

    if yes you can use COUNTIFS function,

    example for this

    =COUNTIFS("YEAR COLUMN", year cell youre checking (1986), "DESIGN COLUMN", design cell youre checking, "VARIETY COLUMN", variety cell)

    Hi Im new here, hoping to learn a lot about VBA

    I would like to create a command button code that will pop-up a list box listing all the sheets present in the workbook.

    For each selected sheet in the list box it will copy a specific column on selected sheet in listbox, and paste to a new sheet to a diffrent column


    I have Sheets - 'Block A', 'Block B', 'Block C', 'Block D'

    Press button - Listbox pop-up including all the present sheet in the book

    Select in list box - 'Block A', 'Block B', 'Block D' only

    Column to copy for each - C:C

    New Sheet to be generated - 'Building A'

    Now Each Column C:C copied will be pasted to Sheet 'Building A' on different column with interval of 2 columns each

    so it will look like

    Building A Sheet's:

    Column A - contains Column C:C of Block A

    Column D - contains Column C:C of Block B

    Column G - contains Column C:C of Block D

    ...and so on depending on number of sheets ticked in the list box.