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    KjBox I tried to format the Client Bill Info as a number without decimals and nothing happens when I select the column, right click, choose Format Cells, and then Number format. Can you tell me why it is not taking the formatting I am choosing?

    I see in the script you wrote you are using CSgn which will format. I also noticed that this script is not working, for example, 181910000 is in FDG and not in Client Bill Info. but was not included on the list nor highlighted. I need exact matches. Some of them appear to contain a match like Client Bill Info has 8181910000 and this contains the 181910000 but is not an exact match. The leading zeros are intentional and not to be ignored either. 181910000 is in FDG and 0181910000 is in Client Bill Info, they are different.

    Back to the drawing board for me. Any help is appreciated.


    I am trying to highlight all the cells values that are in workbook 1(FDG Accounts), column a, that are not in workbook 2(Client Bill Info), column A. I am attaching the 2 workbooks to this thread, as well as showing the code I have written. I get no error, but I also get no highlights and I purposely made the last cell in column A different but it is not highlighted. If I can get this to work, I then want to make a new sheet in FDG Accounts to display the names of the accounts that are in it and not in Client Bill Info.

    Here is my code:

    Now asking how I get a msgBox to display the values and/or put values on a new sheet