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    Hi There,

    I concurrently update an excel document (budget) and explanatory note that accompanies the budget in a word document (both documents are attached here). Currently, I first finalize the excel budget which details a budget line description, unit cost, and total amount per line, and then I manually update the word documents that explain/narrates what each budget line in the excel document is meant.

    I thought there should be an automated process such that the excel document can be linked to the word document and when I update the excel budget, certain figures in the word document such as the total amount per line can automatically update themselves without the very manual processes I am currently doing of updating the amounts in the word document manually.

    Kindly advise if there is a possibility to link the excel and word documents together and a change from the excel can auto-update the figures in the word document (highlighted in green).

    Since VBA automates so many processes, I wonder if I can use VBA for such an automation process but any other alternative is also welcome and I can try.


    1. Excel Budget

    2. Narrative/Justification of the budget in word document



    Budget.xlsxExplanation Note.docx