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    Hello all,

    Could you please support me in creating a copy-paste range of data from one sheet of an excel file to a new template sheet that needs to have the header above?

    I'm not very expert on the MACROS.

    I need to copy through an automated macro from the cell DG;DH;DI;DJ in the TEMP sheet in my excel (only the data that will have input) and paste it automatically when a macro button will be pushed to a new excel template that will have the defined headers named RPA PnL Offer Template. This information copied should be input to the respective cell starting at a2;b2;c2;d2 populating the data copied from the other excel template that should have the below view:

    A1 B1 C1 D1 E1

    Customer Account Number Group Name MSISDN New Tariff Plan Fixed monthly payment for Plan (VAT Inc.)

    Appreciate your help, please.

    Thank you!