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    Im a kind off VBA newbie, but i wanted to create a small macro that will help me with my daily work, so far without any success.

    The idea is that i have a few huge datasets in excel files (that have over 90k-120k lines) - and there are 2 files related to each other one has accounts and balances and the other has owners of these accounts, and i need to send samples of these data to people for review.

    I would like to VBA to open file A, filter by the highest 100 values from column "F" and then copy that 100 lines into new excel, and name this sheet "account", and then open file B and based on what the VBA extracted from file A, do a Vlookup (take the data from column P from already extracted "details" sheet) and use vlookup into file B(the data from column P in File A excel is the same as column "M" in file B) and copy that filtered data into new sheet, next to the "account" sheet, and call it "owners".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as im struggling on my own haha

    thank you in advance!