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    I need help to make the ComboBox9 is filled with the ComboBox8 information complement.

    For example, if in ComboBox8 in column A2 is the first name "Mike", and it is selected, in ComboBox9 in the same row and corresponding column, which would be B2, is the last name "Jones", be filled in ComboBox9

    Private Sub ComboBox9_Change()
    End Sub

    Help to modify as follows, each ComboBox I add, will pull the information I choose from the X Column of the worksheet.

    When selecting the ComboBox2 option that pulls information from column B2... (already done), it understands that information pulled, and takes the rest of the information from that LINE and throws it in the fields.


    I selected B2, it pulls the information from A2 in ComboBox1, C2 in ComboBox3, D2 in ComboBox4, E2 in ComboBox5 and F2 in that X (which is a label).

    If you want to delete only row 8 from column B to column V try:

    Sub DeleteRow()
    End Sub

    If you want to delete all the rows in your table, try:

    Sub DeleteRows()
    End Sub

    Is it possible to include a message with a pop up window? "Are you sure you want to clear the worksheet? Yes or No"

    So, this worksheet is under development, little by little I'm tidying each item, this code would be for the button in red right when you open the worksheet, its function should be to delete all entries from B8 to V8, delete the entire lines.

    The writing of the button is in Portuguese, the native language of where I live, but it's this button right when you open the file, button in red.

    Failed to delete lines from the worksheet, even if there are 500000 lines, you have to delete from B8 to V8 all.

    If question = vbYes Then
    Celulas = Array("B8:V8")
    For i = 0 To UBound(Celulas)
    Next i
    End If