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    wow after all my readings, watching videos and learning by my self, i did not realized that there is an AI for this. guess that i'm still living in the dark age hahaha.

    but in my opinion using this AI is like playing a video gaming. you jump into main boss and finish it, but you can't get the reward coz you skipped the quest haha

    well, if it helps, it helps :D

    CARIM! Ty for keeping up with this thread t'was my fault and my own stupidity <X i did not notice that i was editing all the time the guest form or frm_4m_analysis32 :D :D :D :D

    thanks Carim,

    i'm a bit confused so o did remove the both "*" but still not show any result :(

    please correct me if i am wrong

    here's what i did

    If Me.cmb_Filter_By1.Value <> = "ALL" Then
    sh.UsedRange.AutoFilter Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(Me.cmb_Filter_By1.Value, sh.Range("1:1"), 0), Me.txt_Search1.Value
    End If

    Hi Carim in response, here is my latest work book that i'm practicing, i already added the column for year and also added the year for combobox filter

    but again, i cannot search the year unless i will add a letter.

    i have practiced it with id # 3 and 4 in data

    try filter "Year" then type 22 = it will not show any result

    but if you filter it by "Year" then type 23 = it will show id #4 year 2023A its because it contains an alphabet (A)

    btw: same password

    Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate the latest-latest workbook ... :) (the one WITH all your modifications)

    ok so i tried this method

    unfortunately, it does not work. :(

    but if im going to mix it with letter. it will work

    but what i wanted is to search it only by number

    Hi Carim ty for keeping up to this thread.

    I actually did add new column with "Year" in Data sheet and also .additem "Year" for combobox but the problem is that the textbox for search is not working with "only numbers" it does not show the result even do i type the exact year ex. "2022". but it will work if i add a alphabet regardless of order. ex. 2022A , if i will search even just number "22" it will appear in the listbox

    why not adding, in your Data worksheet, a new column : Column U labelled Year ...

    does this mean that i need to remove the column update time?


    is not present in the test file you have attached ... ;) (Sorry about that i may have deleted it when trying to figure something)


    To know exactly if you need DateSerial() or CInt() Or CLng(), could you give 3-4 examples of your possible inputs and your expected results (extracted from the T Column) ...

    ok here are the reason why i added this Year column

    1#. as you can see on the file there is a combo box for Week (W1 - W52) which is connected to a chart with formula and also to monitor the occurrence of specific issue, machine etc.

    2#. so right now is year 2022, and my boss does not want us to create or restart the file so we could also monitor the occurrences vs different year.
         - so what i see and notice that the "Week" will be redundant for example if we filter "W48" which from year 2023, those "W48" from year 2022 will also appear in the Listbox1

    thats why i come up with the idea of adding a Textbox for "year" so when we type the year in filter box it will only show the data from specific year.

    you will also notice from the file that there's a userform1 which i got from youtube i tried to modified it and get only the boxes for (show only "this date" up to this date") filter but got no luck so thats why i came up with the idea of adding this "year" column

    in short. i wanted to add a filter for date (from - to) or filter by year. so it wil be easy for us to see the result in listbox

    ----- additional example--------

    for example we wanted to see the status of this Line 1 ("L1") but only wanted to see during week 48 ("W48") in year 2022

    we will choose combo box value and type in filter/searchbox

    cmb_filter_by => Line / textbox => L1

    cmb_filter_by => Week / textbox => w48

    cmb_filter_by => Year / texbox = > 2022

    the list box will only show data from this criteria.

    First of all ... Many Congratulations on what you have already accomplished ...!!! :)

    Regarding the Me.cmb_Filter_By ... it is apparently populated as follows :

    .... WITHOUT YEAR ... !!! and IF you are Adding Year .... which Column would you like to refer to in the Data worksheet ....???

    yes i did added the year, as i mention from the code above and also the "Year" column in located @ "T" how ever it does not recognize numeric or numbers when i filter it. unless i will put or add an alphabet together with the year.

    thanks Carim i'm no expert nor a coder i only learn by reading and watching youtube guides specially in this forum.

    My sort by Year is with combobox "cmb_fiter_by" and the value of this combobox is pupulated my refresh dropdownlist.

    my column for year only contains number
    my filter boxes works fine for other condition except for "Year" which only contains number.
    so meaning i cannot search if i only type number unless i will add an alphabet

    what i want to happen is to encode only by number and also search it by numeric

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    filtering/searching for numeric VBA userform
    Hi I have a UserForm that has a filter Combobox that filters different criteria. and that includes "Year" and a TextBox which will be the search box. and a…

    Hi, Good day

    so i have this problem,

    my search/filter box it is working fine if the value is with text or number, but i have a column that is only for designated for Year. which is numeric only.

    so in short my search box cannot find the or not work if the cell only contains numeric. but if it works if i added a letter on it ex. 2022 <- cannot be found 2023A <- searchable regardless if 23 or just A is typed in the box here is my code for filtering/search . i have 4 boxes for filtering.. this is also how i populate my listbox1

    Year column is on letter "T"

    this is how i populate my cmb_filter_by

    ty hope you can help me with this.

    Good day, Hi guys I am looking for ideas and help with this worksheet.

    my boss wanted me to make a UserForm for this sheet regarding our KPI or machine efficiency so it will be easy for us for encoding and reporting.

    my problem is, this contains lots of formulas. and he still wanted to use this worksheet somehow.

    This sheet contains several machine that is already in the Line production.

    what we do is we encode the plan production time and also the actual production time

    then under each machine we include the issue (if there is) together with minutes accumulated depending on the date occurrence

    this row for issue under the name of machines sometimes exceeds more than 10 rows depending on issues encountered.

    so yes, I don't know how to or where to start I only have experience making a userform for simple data encoding.

    I am not a programmer or a coder , I am a self thought, I only learn by reading in this forum and other website and watching youtube vids.

    i am attaching the sheet and the password is 123

    thank you everyone.

    Would you mind attaching your sample workbook for review ...

    Hi Carim, i just saw your reply right now, i figured it out yesterday when i was playing with it. and found a solution.

    here is my code if anyone needs it or encountered the same problem.

    so basically as you can see, i just copy my RowSourse so it will automatically update or refresh.

    thank you for your response, however my buttons for sorting is not designed for sorting Excel sheets.

    what i need is the button to sort my list box depending on the value given by combobox

    Good day everyone so i have this problem, i have a listbox1 with combo box which has a value that will sort by ascending or descending buttons .
    i have a code but it does not sort the actual listbox1, instead what it does is he is sorting the actual sheet.

    here is the code and picture