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    Your comments do remain extremely vague ...

    Why don't you create a sample file to illustrate precisely your objective ;)

    Maybe this will help, I've started with something like this, but not getting anywhere because I am not familiar with the VBA syntax/vernacular:

    Sub FindNames()
    For i = 1 to 103
    If Gi and Mi and Ni and Oi and Pi = "C" then
    End Sub


    Your objective is not very clear ... but to get you started below is a "Read/Write" macro for your Array

    Hope this will help

    Thanks that should help create the array to work with. I'm then trying to write a logic statement that if the conditions are met, the string value that is in the first column of each row gets written to a list in a separate workbook.

    I have data in one spreadsheet from D4 --> AE106. I am trying to set up an array for that data to be stored to, then in a looped logic statement verify that if certain conditions are met in particular columns of a row, the string in the first column gets "copy/pasted" into a list in another spreadsheet. I'm not familiar with VBA, but do have MATLAB experience. Unfortunately, I can't run MATLAB at work. Thank you in advance for any help that works!