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    Hi Carim

    Sorry this is not the same thing yes Rory showed me and is working fine the question I have is different in that i have a second sheet within the workbook that needs to look for different cell input BeforePrint am not sure if that would count as continuing the same post or not.

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    Hi i was wondering if someone could please help i have 3 sheets within my workbook i have set a beforeprint on the first sheet working great but the problem am having on the 2nd sheet am looking for different things before print how can i get the before print to look at the second sheet ?

    and Happy Christmas


    HI Rory

    the admin page is for my tick box's not the box's in red i have not done macros before am not sure how i reference the cells if blank don't print for the ones that are red sorry to sound a bit simple am still learning with excel.


    Hi Carim

    this is the location of the files

    Master Shift Log will always be in this location and name will not change

    P:\wold\Moulding\01 Shift Log\Master Shift Log.xlsx

    Saved file will go to the relevant folder and month named as the day

    P:\wold\Moulding\01 Shift Log\2022\November

    Hi Carim

    it's not 40 different files i have one master excel file that contains the 40 machines so it would be just the one file but renamed each morning but the master would be a static file and folder and would never move or be renamed. the excel is in the first post.

    the good but is you say it's possible the only problem is how it's done i have not done any VBA work and would not no where to start.



    I have a master excel file that every morning gets opened and then a save as is done named as the relevant day IE 10 and throughout the day the excel sheet is compiled with the date for the day to each machine being we have 40 machines and every morning having to transfer the last line of data to the new file takes time.

    So, the question is, is it possible to somehow take the last line of date from the newly named sheet for each machine and place it in to the master document in the first line to the relevant machine this will save a lot of time of having to input the data manually then I can just do a save as and start again?

    I hope this makes sense of what am trying to ask.

    i have never done anything with VBA before so would not even no where to start.