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    Be sure that macro is embedded in the correct file. Ensure that macros are enabled on all computers.

    the macro is embedded in the correct file

    Can I do the activation you mentioned in the excel file I made?

    Let the macro activate automatically when the file is opened, regardless of computer and location.

    Hello everyone

    I have an excel file with macro.

    When I move or rename this file or open it on another computer, the macro is disabled.

    Is there a way to actively start this?

    Let it be active when I open it on another computer, not on one computer. is this possible?


    can it prevent editing and viewing of data in excel file without enabling the macro?

    thanks in advance for the help

    my teacher :)

    I think problems will be difficult to solve but they are easily solved :)

    You've been so helpful that I'm ashamed to open another thread on the forum.

    Thanks again

    Yes ... :)

    You do need to write "Invert" next to each question which needs to be treated this way ...

    Because only your eyes and your interpretation of how the question was asked can determine the Type of each question 8)

    my teacher

    Thanks for your reply

    I have another question :)

    number of participants 8

    yes-1 no-7 answered

    I use the formula to find the percentage of these answers.

    result 88% 13%

    Shouldn't the total be 100%?

    Hello again,

    See attached test file :)

    my teacher

    Topic closed, but I have one more question.

    You used "red" "green" when writing "positive" and "negative" comments, why did you use it?

    While making changes, I noticed that when I delete these color names, the values change, how will it be without the color names?

    no colors in the poll

    Thank you for your comments.

    Do you mean that the Test file (with the attached chart) does bring an answer to your initial question ?

    Isn't it the last file you gave the solution to the first problem?

    made sense to me :)


    The red and green colors don't matter in the file I sent.

    I made those colors just to make it clear that they are "positive" and "negative" questions.

    Hello again,

    See attached test file :)

    my teacher

    You always come to help tirelessly.

    Honestly, this method had never occurred to me.

    I wrote it as a comment in cells 9-10 but it was no longer needed.

    because you understand the subject very well :)


    What you are asking for is, in fact, rather simple ...

    However, the first you need to do is build your worksheet structure in a sample file ... ;)

    Hi teacher

    first of all thank you for your help

    I use google translate and it doesn't translate exactly so I don't quite understand what you mean :(

    Frankly, I have no idea what to do with the file you sent.

    Can you show it with the file I sent?

    Hello everyone

    I have a question

    I have a survey I made in Excel.

    I need to find the percentage of this survey and graph it.

    However, there is a different situation. Some questions are "positive", some are "negative".

    sample survey question “shoes satisfaction survey” (total number of participants 18)

    Yes No

    question 1 - does it smell? 10 - 8

    question 2 - is it easy to clean? 15 - 3

    Those who said yes to the first question said yes to a "negative" situation for this shoe.

    however, those who answered yes to the second question said yes for a "positive" case.

    In this way, there are 20 different questions.

    Based on these data

    % pleased

    % not glad

    I need to find a ratio.

    (Considering the positive and negative question)

    After doing this I need to show it in graph.

    can you help me?

    Sorry for my English (Google Translate)

    When you say:

    it doesn't shrink when i delete data and unfortunately it doesn't expand when i log in manually.

    Just manually re-type the last data in the last row in Column C ;)

    I didn't notice that detail :)


    Sir, I think the working principle is as follows

    "enter data manually"

    I fill columns a-b-c and it expands automatically.

    To collapse it, it is necessary to delete column a-b-c "in order".

    "with user form"

    It expands automatically when I enter data.

    but when I delete the data the width stays the same.


    A very very small modification for your UserForm ... ;)

    ' Adjust Column Width

    Thank you teacher

    health to your hands

    I have a question,

    it doesn't shrink when i delete data and unfortunately it doesn't expand when i log in manually.

    With the code in the topic below, it automatically expands the cells I enter data into the table manually.

    but how can I do this when entering data with "useform"?

    Well ... If you manually add data in your Sheet2 ...

    As soon as you enter data in the last row in Column C ...

    the whole table is automatically sorted ... ;)

    Sir, you are a very kind hearted person.

    you've been helping me for days without being lazy

    There is a saying in the Turks that "Your right is not paid".

    (an expression used to show gratitude to people who have helped someone a lot)

    really, really thank you so much :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: <3 <3

    my teacher

    Ignore my ignorance, I did not fully understand the working principle of this


    You also want to enter data "manually" or directly in Sheet2 ...

    How ...?

    I hope it's the right understanding.

    I already have an excel file, I will transfer the table in that file here.

    then i will add new data to be added with "useform".

    Concerning the Manual input ... could you explain how do you plan to do it ?

    I am really sorry

    I don't quite understand what you're saying. Google translation is missing or mistranslated, can you ask another way?