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    you mean that i put the activate code instead of initialize? dont works - maybe the code dont compare with the other code in worksheets.

    Thats the code of the userform:


    maybe you can tell me where to write the unload comand? can i just write it before the "show" or somewhere else?

    is it possible to activate a usb connected "light" when the userform is open? so that its visible that there is an action needed? can i do this also with a vba code?

    thank you

    i would say that unload/show would be the better solution.

    now it works good that i write my reason in the textbox, say ok and it writes in the excel. but if the userform loads again it is the allready filled.

    so it would be good to unload it and show it then, i think.

    Maybe i show you the code of the userform:

    The userform opens for the timeserial. I write then the reasoncode in it (or write it with the barcode). After the "ok" button, the reasoncode will be written in the excel and the userform get closed.


    the first time of the day, when the userform opens the textbox is empty. After i set the first reasoncode and safe it. The next time when the userform opens this reasoncode allready is in the textbox, so i have to delete it.

    I want that the textbox is always empty if the userform opens.


    Good Morning,

    its my first message in here. I am from austria and work in switzerland as a detail planner. We created a tool in excel where we can count the pieces in production and we see which failures we have and how much time we loose. At the end the calculation will give us an oee. Its the cheap version if you dont want to buy a running system for that :)

    Now i have a question for a code in vba, we created a userform to definite which failure we have.

    Our sensor writes always a 1 the machine produces. if not there is nothing. For example, we dont produce 30min, after that we start producing and the sensor write 1. Then the userform pop up and want that we say, why we could not produce the last 30min.

    First there was a combobox with a list - but now we decided to change that in a normal textbox and scan a barcode, so the reason will be in the textorm.

    So far so good - that works, and the reason will also be in the excel then.

    BUT: at the next time when the userform open the textform is allready filled with this reason code - but i want that it is always empty, when it opens.

    I am sure, there will be a very simple solution, but i cant find it :S

    This is the code of the userform:

    I hope you someone can help me - i am not sure if this must be in the code of the userform or in the worksheet code?!

    Thank you all and br