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    Hi Graham, I'm back. LOL

    Can you tell me how to write the formulas for the following.

    Gross value = barrels of Oil Produced * Price per barrel

    B4 is Barrels of oil produced
    C4 Price of oil per Barrel
    D4 gross Value
    E4 taxes
    F4 Net Value

    Taxes= Gross Value * 7%

    Net Value = Gross Value - Taxes

    I need to write these in a formula
    Can you help me?

    WOW I just might scream at ya. Thanks for helping me, It's almost 7am I got up at 7:30 Weds morning and still up. Wide awake. Well, I finished it. All I need to do now is a couple extra credit problems and 3 take home test, which I hope won't be to hard. I go to the college take a final and this computer class is done. Then comes the PowerPoint Next class is all Power Point. I sure hope it's easier than this excel. this is my 2nd class. whewwwww couldn't have done it without you. So you won't mind if I yell for help with something else. Not sure what I will run into in these extra credit problems. Well, I do think I will go try and sleep for a couple hours. Talk with you later. ok?

    Edit: Merged the two separate threads as they all refer to essentially the same (now solved) problem. [WillR]

    Yes, it worked fine, it's just that the file doesn't open up on excile and I had to type in the formula. When I finish this, I have to print it out then print the formula version also. But yes it was what I needed, but needed the formula. I will be glad when I am finished with excel. I bet you will be too. LOL


    I posted like you said, I got help with 2 but they are not working so if I put my worksheet for you to look at and tell you what I need will you see if you can figure this one out for me.

    I need to determine the Social Security tax in cell G4


    If Soc. sec. Tax * Gross Pay + YTD Soc. Sec. > Maximum Soc. Sec., then Maximum Soc. Sec. - YTD soc. sec, otherwise soc. Sec. Tax * Gross Pay

    I don't know what they mean by Maximum Soc. sec.

    Thanks Will, I wish I had kept the email about the virus so I could have let you read it. I have been getting email from something called microsoft, several a day, after my virus scanner caught the virus and got rid of it, I have received more email from this microsoft thing and all it has is a paper clip no title, and there is writing above it that says "outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments. So this must be where the virus came from, but the email address on the first thing I got had, like I told you several address with the word etc on them.

    To Pesky, this is for you :P:P:mad: LOL

    Everyone needs to check for a virus, I just received an email that said I got a virus from this forum. Meaning someone who posted a reply to my post has a virus.

    Just a heads up.

    ok, thank you. did you check the other 2, I put on with this one the first time, I haven't figured them out either, can you help me with those.
    thanks again, oh, by the way, I just received an email that I got a virus from this forum. Had to be from someone that answered this post, Check for a virus on your computer.

    I am not sure what they mean by Maximum Soc. Sec. The following is all that I have in each cell.

    E4.....YTD Soc. Sec.
    F4.....Gross Pay
    G4.....Soc. Sec.
    I4......Fed. Tax
    J4......State Tax
    K4.....Net Pay

    So is YTD the same as maximum Soc. Sec.
    Hope this will help. Also I still need help with the other 2 I posted with this one.
    Thanks Cleta

    I need to write an IF function using the following logic to determine the social Security tax for cell G4.

    If Soc. Sec. Tax * Gross Pay + YTD Soc.

    sec. > Maximum Soc. Sec., then Maximum

    Soc. Sec. _ YTD soc. Sec., otherwise Soc.

    Sec. Tax* Gross Pay.

    F4 is gross pay

    E4 is YTD

    G4 is Soc. Sec

    I am not sure how to put this in an IF function because of Maximum Soc. Sec.,

    Can someone show me how to write this.?

    I started it like this:

    =IF (G4* F4 + E4)> now what do I put?

    HELP going nuts here.

    Another one is.

    Medicare = Medicare Tax * Gross Pay

    H4 medicare
    F4 gross pay
    E4 YTD soc.sec.

    third one is:

    =Gross pay- (soc.Sec. + Medicare + fed. Tax + State tax)

    F4 gross pay
    G4 soc. sec.
    H4 medicare
    I4 Fed Tax
    J4 state tax

    need this in IF function entered in K4

    I know this is a lot to ask but hope this will finish this problem I am working on now. Thanks if anyone can help
    Cleta :(

    Sorry to hear you lost your sister, I lost my youngest sister (48yrs old) 3 yrs ago also. June 5th 2000. cancer. My brother died Aug 21st, 2003 seems like yesterday to me. My daughter got cancer, (lymphoma) 1 year before my sister died. Thank God she is ok now, but still has a lot of problems from her treatments. she is 33 now. All this just in the last 4 yrs has made it really hard for me. Both my kids are married I have been divorced since 94 so being by myself trying to deal with all this with no one to talk to about any of it has really got me down. I started back to college last year hoping it would keep me busy, but I have a hard time concentrating on these computer classes. I have finished 5 other classes with no problems its just these IF functions, formulas etc. I just can't understand them no matter how hard I try. I was able to get some of them just going by the ones you have helped me with, then they throw in one that messes me up again. I know you are busy and I do appreciate all the help you have given me. I only have 4 more functions to put in then I am finished, I will see if I can find someone else to help me with them so not to keep bothering you. So thanks again Graham for helping me. You have been my angel.

    Hi, Graham,
    The first one worked fine. I think I gave you the wrong thing for the 2nd one. It was written like this.

    In cell I4, enter the IF function that applies the following logic;
    if (gross pay-dependents*38.46)>o, then federal tax= 20% * (gross Pay- Dependents * 38.46), otherwise fed tax =0

    Will you try it again for me?

    F4 is gross pay
    D4 is dependents
    I4 is fed tax this is where I enter the function.
    I know I am being a pain but this is my last problem then I have some extra credit problems to do and 3 problems that are part of my test. then I will be finished with this class. except for taking my finals.

    I have just been so confused lately, I just lost my only brother and its been so hard for me to concentrate on this stuff. and I only have until the end of this month to finish this and to a class on Power point which I am afraid I won't get done in time. So I really appreciate you help. I have been up all night working on this.
    my email is [email protected] can I have yours?

    Graham, I need your help again. ok
    I have IF functions to write and need help with them.
    I need to enter an IF function that applies the following logic.

    If hours <= 40, then Gross Pay =Rate * Hours, otherwise Gross Pay = Rate * Hours + 0.5 * Rate * (hours - 40)

    If (gross Pay - Dependents * 38.46), otherwise Federal Tax= 0

    I know you can't write the function without knowing what cell each of these are in, but the hours for the first one is in C4 40.25 hours.
    B4 rate
    F4 gross pay.

    second one
    F4 gross pay
    D4 dependents
    not sure about the 38.46.
    Can you help me with this??

    I know I copy the IF function in F4 the Gross Pay cell.

    I need more help please.
    I need to copy a formula to range of cells.
    this is how it reads.
    (Cell C4 ) =B4* (1+ $B$22)*(1-$B$23)
    ok I put that in cell C4 now I need to copy C4 to range D4:H4
    can someone tell me how to do this. I am pullling out my hair with these problems. thanks if you can help me.

    I am new to this so if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.

    I need to write a formula for cell J1 that multiplies cell P3 times the sum of cells Q10 through Q13. and write the formula so that when copied to cells K1 and L1, excel adjusts all the cell references according to the new location. I am using excel 2000. windows xl
    thanks in advance.:)