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    I am creating a spread sheet containing responses from employees from various firms.
    Among the criteria which forms part of AutoFilter criteria, there is a value for the employees Year of Experience.

    Based on the layout of the responses, I have a macro to take the chosen criteria and applies it to the AutoFilter range.

    I have used Data Validation to limit the criteria to only those values present in the response.

    In the attached I want the Experience criteria to be a range, but want to limit the list so that the upper value cannot be less than the lower value.
    For example, if I choose 7 in cell B1, the list returned in cell D1 only shows "8,9,10".

    Does anyone have any idea on how I can achieve this?


    I am a new member here, but going by the threads I have read so far hopefully someone is able to help me.

    I have recently been to a excel course where the presenter was very fond of excel's SUBTOTAL formula that he wrote a macro so that he had a toolbar button similar to the built-in autosum function. Can anyone post the code that I need to paste into VBA for this to work?

    If possible I would like to have the formula to have a Function Number of "9" (ie. SUM), but would stop/wait for me to select the cell range (either rows or columns).
    In case you are wondering why I want this, I am an Accountant and sometimes I have to analysis cashbooks or cashflows and would like to have a subtotal for each section without have 12 additions for the year to date figure.