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    Re: Dual Axis Chart


    i'd select B2:E9 range,
    create chart icon, use the Line or X-Y scatter type,
    once the chart is displayed, double-click on the Penetration line,
    under Axis tab select secondary axis, OK.

    Now select the Store Count line, right click it, select Chart type and
    change it to bar type.

    hope this helps

    Re: Add Time (hh:mm)


    if your data is in hh:mm format,
    you can directly sum them up together.

    if however yr data is in text format or in dd/mm/yy hh:mm format then
    its another matter altogether

    Re: Secondary Axis Creates Stacked Bar Chart


    when you added a secondary axis to the chart, the series actually overlaps the first one
    therefore hiding the first series behind it.

    one solution maybe to adjust the scale of the secondary axis.
    i changed the max to 10 and both series are shown.

    Re: Chart In Macro

    i think you left out the aprostophees

    With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1) 
        .XValues = Worksheets("datasheet").Range("F1", "F" & NextRow) 
        .YValues = Worksheets("datasheet").Range("G1", "G" & NextRow) 
    End With 
    'place in chartsheet
    ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet

    Re: Determining Whether A Graph Is Second Or Third `

    Quote from shmee150

    Well it would actually quite like to work with lots, but I mean simply 3D in display, not 3D in terms of points plotted, so bar charts mainly, but maybe Pie charts or similar.

    hmmm, thats a lot of ground to cover,
    but u can try running this code and take down which are 3D charts and do a select case based on that:

    For i = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Count To 1 Step -1
    MsgBox ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(i).Chart.ChartType

    Re: Control Internet Explorer And Embedded Application

    hi Ian,

    code for item #1 :

    Sub ExplorerOpen()
    Shell "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.exe"
    End Sub

    as for the rest, i haven't figured them out yet.
    hope this will be a good start :)

    Re: Delete Old Chart Before New Chart Is Made

    anyway, if u really need the vba code,
    maybe something like this will work:

    For i = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Count To 1 Step -1

    Re: Build Chart Time Tracking

    hi crombes,

    i'd go for yr solution 1 layout as obviously there are more rows than columns (unless you're using Vista).

    also, you should enter the dates/times as time and not as text, ie. 16:00 and not 16h00

    lastly, i think XY scatter should be a good choice for the overview.

    Re: Control Entering E-mail Address

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    I would have them type the email address twice and compare the 2.

    yeap, standard procedure for registering yr emails nowadays :)

    Re: Comparing Length Of Dates & Put The Value To Other Colum

    hi sinac,

    welcome to

    place this in col A:

    and this in col B:

    pls take note that the formulas doesn't take into account if date1 and/or date2 is bigger than date3

    Re: Limit Entry According To Data Type

    A bit unorthordox, but it works: