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    Re: Combo Boxes

    hi Z,

    first of all i don't think you can multiselect a combobox,
    you can achieve that with a listbox

    in VBE, place a listbox on a userform and set it in the Properties > Multiselect >

    double click the userform and place this module:

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
        With Me.ListBox1
            .AddItem ws.Name
        End With
    End Sub

    hope this helps

    Re: Right-click menu when clicking on Chart elements

    hi m,

    when you created the right click menu, most probably you used:


    this works only in cells
    in charts you should use:



    application.commandbars("plot area").controls.add......

    can't remember which one, pls try it out

    so u should have the menu ob both cell and chart commandbars


    hi guys,

    i need to find the nearest result,
    for example if i have 230 i'll get B
    or if i have 460 the answer would be E

    100 A
    200 B
    300 C
    400 D
    500 E

    can anyone suggest a formula for this?
    any help is appreciated, thanks in advance :smile:

    Re: Code To Write Code For Workbook Open Event

    hi Kj,

    i modified Chip Pearson's code a litte to suit yours
    see his website here:


    Before using these procedures, you'll need to set a reference in VBA to the VBA Extensibility library


    Re: Default Addin Location?

    Quote from mtlay

    i see you still dont have this code i suggested earlier in ThisWorkbook module:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open() 
    End Sub

    why dont you give it a try?

    Re: Automatically Update Master Worksheet From Departmental Worksheets

    Quote from CBishop

    The approach you use in that example file could work if it would clear the master sheet before adding data; but as is, it would make hundreds of duplicate entries each time it's run.

    yup, you're right
    i've included a line to clear the data in the Master List
    and adapted the code to yours

    just something i don't understand; is col A left empty?

    Re: Inventory Tracking

    Quote from lioncourt

    is there a way to make vlookup non-alphabetical

    i believe Vlookup works for numbers, aplphabets or combination of those

    as long as what you look for is exactly the same as the source data.

    i notice that yr inventory list reads 3/4 ply instead of 3/4" PLY
    this of course won't work :p

    Re: Default Addin Location?

    ah got it

    place this code in ThisWorkbook module:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    End Sub

    this will add the menu each time the excel opens :)

    Re: Inventory Tracking

    creating inventories can be very tricky, especially if you are not familiar with all the items.

    what i can suggest is to use Vlookup formulas :)

    Re: Convert Number To Hours & Minutes

    Quote from Timbo

    A colleague has columns of data that when summed are all wrong i.e. 8.65 instead of 9 Hours 5 minutes.

    hi Timbo,

    what you should do is correct the mistake yr colleague did before summing them up

    try this formula to convert them to time
    then you should be able to get the correct sum:


    where A1 is the wrong entry.


    Re: Default Addin Location?

    Quote from mtlay

    The addin has a dropo down "Data" menu item associated with it. It has no optional submenu items. It's more of a menu function.

    sorry i still can't get it,
    is it possible if you post the menu code here?
    (pls remember to use the code tags using the # icon)