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    Re: Run Macro For Specific Workbook In Background

    hi tgit,

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    try specifying the target file and the sheetname before pasting the values

    hope this helps



    Re: Forecast Linear Trend Between Min And Max Value

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    you can try using multiple [if]*[/if]:
    =IF($L$7>$F$11,100,IF($L$7>=$F$10,FORECAST($L$7,$G$10:$G$11,$F$10:$F$11),"No bonus earned"))

    hope this helps

    Re: Autosave Spreadsheet At Certain Time

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    i assume the spreadsheet is open?
    if so what is being written/edited that you need it to be saved at a certain time?

    can't you use autosave instead?

    Re: Get The Nth Character From String

    Quote from Wigi

    No, but almost

    Range("A2").Value = Mid(Range("A1"),3,1)


    he wants value only, but i gave him formula. :p

    definitely time to sleeeeep :sleep:

    Re: Copying Sheets With Named Cells

    hi lingyai,

    try this code:

    hope this helps

    Re: Select rows with data

    Quote from vandanavai

    I want to write VB code to select only those rows which have data.


    try this:

    Sub SelectData()
    Dim myRng As Range
    Set myRng = Sheets("Data").Range("A1", Range("D65536").End(xlUp))
    End Sub

    Re: Compare Sheets For Changes

    hi Tiffany,

    i wouldn't recommend using code,
    i'd use vlookup formula in the consolidation sheet,
    sort out the removed clients and delete them manually

    Re: Delete Empty Lines In Vbe

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    just Export all modules and Import back in

    hi Dave,

    i considered doing that, but i want to output the code in a userform textbox
    so that i can see the codes straight away.

    i'm not sure how to Import into a textbox, hence the big workaround :smile:

    hi guys,

    i'm trying to tweak Chip's code ( to include the body of the module as well.
    it works, but when there's blank lines in-between modules it'd show less of the modules.

    is there a way to delete the empty line in VBE?
    or did i miss something out in the code below?

    thanks for any advice in advance

    hi guys,

    sorry if the title may seem inappropriate, but the problem is just that
    my excel formulas suddenly insist on using semi-colons ; in the formulas instead of the usual commas (,)

    has anyone encountered this before?
    could this setting be reversed?

    thanks for any suggestion given


    • formula semi-colon instead of comma.GIF

    Re: A Basic Macro Code To Increment A Cell From 0 To 20


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    you can use a spinner from the forms toolbar.
    right click the spinner, select format control,
    change max value to 20 and link the cell to A40.

    hope this helps

    Re: Right-click Menus Compiler Add-in

    Quote from Jack in the UK

    The add items code is very cleaver and worth a look. Good set up front end also. Many thanks


    hi Jack,

    thanks for the great feedback, means a lot to me :p

    its my pleasure Derk :)