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    Re: Spell Check On Textbox In Form

    :( Believe me, I searched quite a bit before I requested help on this one. My search strings did not produce results that even came close to helping me. I have found that if I am very descriptive on what I want to do someone out there usually has a better answer, or knows where to find what I need, more quickly and acuratley then searching. If you don't want to help, don't.

    I always search the help files microsoft includes with their software first. Usually, what I find isn't very helpful. Also, I have a stack of books at my desk that I got at the local library. Their are other forums out there, however, I find the people who use this forum more knowledgeable about excel than the others.

    Re: Visual Counter On Form

    Quote from Reafidy

    Have a look at what iv attached it is a userform with a counter and a 2 minute timer.

    Reafidy, your method has been working for me pretty good. I had to modify it a bit to get it to do what I want, but I am experiencing a few glitches every now-and-then that I don't quite understand. I am going to try a few more things, then I will post a copy of my modifications to see if you have any ideas on a solution.

    Thanks for a good starting point!!! I really appreciate it: D

    Re: Populating Form Combobox

    Quote from shg
    = Range(Sheet9.Cells(1, 1), Sheet9.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)).Value

    Thanks, that's just what I needed, I get confused with the syntax pretty often.

    This is what I had that wasn't working.

    = Sheet9.Range((Cells(1, 1), Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)).Value

    You guys are awesome!

    Re: Populating Form Combobox

    Quote from shg
    UserForm1.ComboBox1.List = Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)).Value

    This is similar to the other threads I found. It gives me the same types of errors.

    Maybe it will help to indicate that the form is called 'frmAddNew', and the sheet the values are in is Sheet9("Constants")

    Re: Populating Form Combobox

    I appologize, for not always following up on whether or not these solutions are working for me. I am always thankful for the help I get on these forums. I always try to find the solution myself and generally only revert to asking for help when what I am trying does not work. So, if you don't hear back from me it is most likely because the examples provided worked (sometimes with a little modification;) ) And, if you noticed, there are times I asked a question, found the answer myself and posted the answer so others who might have the same problem could see the solution and someone else wouldn't waste their time helping me.

    Not to get windy, but I highly appreciate this valuable resource. If I could put you guys/gals on the payroll, I would.

    Okay, I have read several threads and tried various options.

    I simply want to fill a combobox on a form with the values in column A. Right now only rows 1 thru 5 have values in them. It is possible that the number of rows will increase in the future.

    How do I fill the combo box with those values?

    How can I make excel jump to a new row when the file is opened. I basically need to now the method to get it to find the first blank row in the sheet. I can handle everything from there.

    Re: Disabling Alt+f11

    Quote from Todkerr
    Application.OnKey "%{F11}", ""

    should disable.

    Application.OnKey "%{F11}"

    should return to normal meaning

    guess you were typing at the same time as me on that last one. Thanks!!!

    I am trying to detect if a user leaves a cell empty.

    I have tried If statements like:

    If Target.Value = "" Then


    If (IsNull(Target.Value) Then

    The problem is when the user uses the spacebar to delete an entry in that cell. If they leave any spaces after exiting the cell those if statements fail to run. Does anyone have an easy solution to this?

    Re: Msgbox After Automatic Workbook Close

    I really want to pop up a message after the book has closed. Excel is still open after the book is closed.

    I already have a form that pops up after 2 minutes of inactivity which has a 25 second counter, a button the user can click to stop the automatic closing and a button they can press to close the book immediately if they want. I just want a message to pop up after the book closes incase they were away from the desk and are wondering what happened to the file.

    Is it possible to have a message box appear after a WorkBook is closed. I have code that automatically closes a work book after a certain amount of inactivity and would like a message box to inform the user what happened.

    Sub CloseBook()
        Call StopCycle
        Unload CloseTimer
        Unload EnterPassword
        ThisWorkbook.Saved = True
        MsgBox "Your Excel Workbook Closed Due to Inactivity"
    End Sub

    It doesn't work that way:)

    Re: Visual Counter On Form

    If you see anything wrong with my code I couod use the insight!

    I haven't actually put in the part that closes the workbook yet.

    Re: Visual Counter On Form

    Thank you, I actually got something working to an extent. But, for some reason my cancel button does not work while my timer is counting down. I'm sure I did something wrong, and will try to post my code in the morning.

    I have a workbook that has a login form. I set it up so that if the user does not log in within 2 minutes a nother form will pop up telling them the workbook will close due to no activity. What I want to do is put a timer on that for that counts down the seconds before the workbook exits and at the sametime give them an opportunity to cancel the action.

    I cant seem to figure out a way to make anything that ticks of the seconds and allows me to press the cancel button at the same time. Your help is appreciated!!!