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    I plan on changing the layout...I think that my main concern was trying to figure out the =OFFSET function and then applying it. So far it works just (as you've pointed out) it is time for house cleaning and rearranging the furniture. :)

    Thank you - if I get caught I will certainly be back! LOL!

    Chris, glad you like the Taxi! LOL!
    I will give a look toward your solution as I explained to Will, I was having a hard time understanding the 'workings' of the =OFFSET (as I wanted to apply it)so I wanted to understand and perhaps get an example of how it works (which I did - 2 as a matter fact) and now see it in action. I do have some rearranging to do within the workbook - but the primary goal has been achieved!

    Thank you all!!


    Will, I think that we're on to something with this!
    I was checking out the thread suggested above by Noeyedeer and then your posting of the worksheet example and it all clicks...Thank you Both!!
    I got the concept of the syntax now so I think (<-key word 'think') I might be on my way!

    Thanks again!



    I forgot to mention that I am trying (ha-ha) to avoid VBA in this solution...but thank you for the suggestion. If I cannot figure out the formulae for this I will certainly give the code a shot.

    Thank you!


    Hello Folks!!

    I have a question concerning a 'left lookup' that I cannot seem to figure out (because I do not understand the syntax).

    I have a total of values in cell J6. If that total is greater than, say 10...I would like to have all data (from cell A6 to J6) move to a new sheet in the exact order that it appears in the original sheet.

    I cannot use the VLOOKUP because V only goes from the lookup value and right (is this correct?). So it would be OFFSET using (-1) to set the cells to the left?

    Really need to get a better grasp on the concept here so if anyone has the time I would appreciate some input.

    I can provide a sample but would rather not upload it...just let me know via PM if you'd prefer the workbook...or email is good too: [email protected]

    Thanks for having a look at the post!



    EDIT - Apologies to all. I forgot to mention (above) that I am hoping to do this without the use of VBA - will use code if it cannot be worked out with a formulae solution...ThanX!

    Just a thought on this: the only other thing that I can think of is that the Properties window is docked (or floating) in such a way that all of the properties are not visible in the screen area.
    Can you move the Properties window around to achieve a better view of the items listed?

    Hi Communicator.

    If I have read your post correctly, you would like to make some macros that you have available in more than one Excel file.

    To do this you could keep those macros in a file in your 'XL Start' folder. Then, anytime you open Excel the macros will be available.
    The draw back to this is that they may get in the way of other projects - at which time you could move the folder or it's contents (I have done this on more than one occassion).
    If you are not familiar with the XL Start, you can run a search for the folder (which is normally found in the Office applications folder) - but sometimes there is no XL Start folder and you need to create one.

    Another option would be to create your own add-in (XLA File) which contains your functions and macros.



    but I took this directly from Help in MS Excel's Help file:

    Do one of the following:

    If you are creating a new script, point to Macro on the Tools menu, and then click Microsoft Script Editor.
    If you are editing an existing script, double-click the script anchor for the script you want to view.

    On the Help menu in the Microsoft Development Environment window, click the option you want:
    For a table of contents for Script Editor Help, click Contents.

    To browse an index of keywords, click Index.

    To search for specific words you want to find, click Search.

    Just open Help and type Script in the search field - there are numerous listings for Script and Script Editor.



    Hello All!

    I have what is a real mind boggler for me today. I do not have a lot of experience using a matter of fact I can think of only two projects that I've worked on in the last 4 months that required them (but not in the fashion that I am using this one).

    With a Userform I can Use the following to set the Userform parameters:

    Me.Height = 'size'
    Me.Width = 'size'

    Can I do the same thing with a Listbox, on a Useform?

    Key here is that the Listbox is taking in a font list from my machine and each font, of course, has different each time I select the font (using a dropdown on the same form) the size of the Listbox changes. I would like to make the Listbox size static so that it doesn't overshoot the parameters of the Userform. How could I accomplish this?

    Thanks for having a look!!


    Pesky but I will post what I think I see here.
    Are you trying to save the changes on close without the save dialog or close without saving?

    If you want to close and save, you can employ:

    ActiveWorkbook.Close True

    If this is a workbook that has been named and saved, this will save and close the workbook without the save dialog.
    At the very least, this will force a saved version to the original file so changes aren't lost.
    If you want to close without saving then you can employ:

    ActiveWorkbook.Close False

    If this is a workbook that has been named and saved, this will close the workbook without saving the changes and without the save dialog.

    If I am off base, please let me know so that I can help.