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    Re: Vbnullstring: Runtime Error -2147417848


    Re: Locking Cell If Value

    try something along the lines of this

    Re: No Within Beforeprint

    i'm not sure if this will help you?

    Re: Change Access Default Warning Message

    you can do this on the property before update...

    Please note you'll need the Reference Microsoft DAO 3.xx Object Library

    Re: Changing Borders In A Document With Vba

    something like this should help you

    Re: Colour Change Autoshape

    Re: Update Date On A Hidden Worksheet With Macro

    yeah something like this for a named sheets will work fine...

    Re: Listing All Part Number Combinations

    do you mean something of a permutation?

    what i mean is. If the cell to the right has a value in it then take the left cells value and then concatenate(Join together) the two cells. Then if the cell to the right and one below has a value... take the same first cell and concatenate it with the cell right and below... ?

    Re: Opening Another Workbook

    you need to add the directory in