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    Re: For Each Worksheet

    yeah something like that would work fine

    Re: Selecting Next Usable Cell And Paste

    Ahh i think i know why... lastR is set inside the loop... try putting set lastR inside the for loop:

    Re: Update Mastersheet From 5 Worksheets

    a good VBA book to start with would be Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 21 days... you can grab these on amazon for a good price...

    as for your macro. could you explain as to what 'exactly' you want it to grab from your other sheets...


    Re: Add New Styled Rows

    Here it goes...

    Re: Correcting Output If No Value Found

    The only difference that i noted was the Semicolon ; i just changed it for a comma ,...

    that will return 0 even if there isn't any data in the other sheet... how ever if you wanted to return a blank i'd add an if statement in there something like this:=

    =IF(SUMIF('616'!$B$1:$B$2000,'AP AMT DKK'!$B4,'616'!$D$1:$D$2000)=0,"",SUMIF('616'!$B$1:$B$2000,'AP AMT DKK'!$B4,'616'!$D$1:$D$2000))


    Re: Finding Max And Average

    try this

    Re: Container Linking Data

    try finding the function for this

    Public Sub ShowList()
        On Error GoTo ErrX
        Call [b]RShowUserLists[/b](, ThisWorkbook.Names("assetclass").RefersToRange.Value, False)
    End Sub

    right click on RShowUserLists and then select Definition this should take you to the code where your list is populated...

    Re: Container Linking Data

    Does your code look something like this?

    Re: Housekeeping Macro

    lol, sometimes it's a complete nightmare! people don't know how to use access so when excel has to sort through 40,000 + records it takes a while to do its thing... all you get on the phone is "I think its broke!" not something you want to be hearing first thing on a Monday morning (Or Friday Afternoon)...

    Re: Prompting User To Enter Information

    There are two ways i can think of.

    1) have a user form to input all variables into the sheet
    2) have input boxes till all required fields have been entered...


    why not lock your cells and protect the workbook?

    Re: Housekeeping Macro

    Thanks Will, i'll keep that in mind... most of the work i do in work i have to write like that anyway because people will look at the screen and say its not working with big applications... thanks for the tip : D

    Re: Housekeeping Macro

    I've done mine a bit differently works fine though assuming there are no blank rows...