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    Re: Container Linking Data

    it's not a frame just a tabstrip... i was thinking you were populating a list box for some reason...

    the information in your tabstrip is populated by the values in the cells...

    is there anything in particular you need the tabform to do?

    Re: Navigation Buttons With Sub-menus

    ok try something like this

    to expand a bit more on what you can do with it look at this link

    hope this gets you started well

    Re: Container Linking Data

    i think i know what you mean...

    when you click on the tab strip it populates the control form with 'private' subs("hidden code in vba")... the form uses global directories to get the data it requires...

    i sort of know how this has been done as i've created invoice batch systems using this method...

    it's hard to explain but if you have any questions relating to this i can help you out


    Re: Sql Query Syntax

    this is probably too late but here it goes...

    strSQL = "SELECT tbl_MarkUp.[ProductCode], [Area], [AdminFee], [ValidFrom], [ValidTo], [MarkUp]" _
                & " FROM tbl_MarkUp" _
                & " WHERE [ProductCode] = [b][COLOR="Red"]'[/COLOR][/b]" & [Forms]![RackNetConv]![cbo_rProduct] & "[b][COLOR="Red"]'[/COLOR][/b]AND [ValidFrom] <= [b][COLOR="Red"]#[/COLOR][/b]" & [Forms]![RackNetConv]![cbo_rArrivalDate] & "[b][COLOR="Red"]#[/COLOR][/b] And [ValidTo] >= [b][COLOR="Red"]#[/COLOR][/b]" & [Forms]![RackNetConv]![cbo_rArrivalDate] & "[b][COLOR="Red"]#[/COLOR][/b];"

    for some reason you have to put [COLOR="red"]'[/COLOR]before and after for text and [COLOR="Red"]#[/COLOR] for dates. numbers work fine

    Re: With Variable

    this works for me...

    Re: Set Print Range Command Button

    something along the lines of this should work fine

    Re: Detecting Page Breaks

    ok i think this may do the trick for you...

    you'll need to modify it to suite your needs but this should help

    Re: Detecting Page Breaks

    this code will check your page breaks

    this can be your first building block from here you should be able to set your page breaks as required?

    hope this helps


    Reply to your code

    does your data always have a fixed amount of columns? (IE Fields)

    Re: Find Method Version 2000 Vs 2003

    in excel 2003 there has been a change to the find function this is how the cells.find is supposed to work now

    Sub Macro1()
    Dim sFind As String
    sFind = 1
        Cells.Find(sFind, LookAt:= _
            xlPart, [b]SearchFormat:=False[/b]).Activate
    End Sub

    Searchformat has to be in the code for 2003 as i had problems when converting from 2000 to 2003 Office

    This should solve your problem


    Re: Combobox Not Updating

    just a stab in the dark. check your combo boxes to see if they have been embedded?