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    Re: Calendar - Limiting Day Selection

    try this Sandy:

    Re: Row Deletion Code, Error Message, Validation

    Try This

    Re: Access Executable With Parameters

    hmmm you probably can try searching for DTS Tasks that work in Access i know its works in SQL but i haven't tried it in Access... i'll have a look at it over the next couple of days and i'll keep you posted...

    the answer is most likely yes. but it'll be alot of work

    Re: Run Access Macro

    Try This

    you'll probably need the references
    Microsoft DAO 3.6 or above library

    Re: Data Will Not Refresh

    looks like there is no calculation set in that spread sheet.. Try putting this at the botton of your code

    Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic

    this will turn on autmatic calculation

    Re: Equals Left, Formula

    The Easiest way i can think of is to convert text to columns...

    Select the column with the names in then click on Data.. there you should see Text to Columns... select the Delimited Radio button and on the next screen tick Space... this will put the first name in one column and the second in another?

    Re: Force Page Breaks In Vba?

    How are you 'Pulling' your data from Access. If you query the database via a SQL Statement you could set two seperate queries one to pull through all your desired columns and the other to import required fields only... it would look something like this

    that could be a better way of doing it?

    Re: Hide All Calculations?

    you can do this by selecting the cells you want to hide the formula. select format cells and then click on the protection tab... tick Hidden... you'll then have to protect your worksheet under Tools Protection--> protect sheet then tick on the box what you want the users to be able to do...

    that should solve your problem

    Re: Mail Merging For Invoices

    there is a way you can do it using a microsoft reference method

    then you build your mail by stringing together all your cells in a different sub

    Call SendMail("<<SEND TO>>", "<<SEND FROM>>", "<<SUBJECT LINE>>", <<message>>)

    it's a long winded way of doing it but it works fine...

    Re: Search For Text In A Specific Column

    Set rCl = rToSearch.finf(sFind, LookIn:=xlValues)

    Change finf to find

    Set rCl = rToSearch.find(sFind, LookIn:=xlValues)

    it also makes a different if your using a different version of excel.

    if your using xls 2003 the format is different and you'll have to add this

    rtoSearch.Find(What:=sFind, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:= _
            xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=True _
            , SearchFormat:=False).Activate

    Re: Handling Error In Vb

    Try this