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    Re: VBA Project Password Dialog Shows On Close

    Any solution to this issue, TEN YEARS later?
    I can't find a solution nowhere!
    My customer sees the password dialog box on the excel file I sent him... but i DON'T see any dialog box on my computer using same file!

    I need to manipulate an image, and I think Imagemagick library can help me... but I don't know how!
    I need to perform this kind of trasformation:


    I found a source for PHP which could give some hints:

    But I'm not sure about how Imagick::DISTORTION_PERSPECTIVEoption works and how to implement it in VBA...

    Is there any other way to manipulate images in VBA?

    Re: Fill MultiColumn Listbox With Part Of Array

    Quote from norie

    I don't see why you couldn't display a 100 by 4 array in a listbox.:confused:

    I don't know, I just gave up after first troubles.... Maybe it's possible to access single elements in a listbox, too.. (in VB.NET)

    Re: Fill MultiColumn Listbox With Part Of Array

    Quote from norie

    Not suitable for what?

    The only thing you asked was how to put particular items from an array in a listbox.

    You gave no details of the actual array or the criteria for whether or not an item goes in the listbox or where the items should go exactly.:)

    I was just trying to get a 100x4 array displayed on the screen. It's quite hard to access single elements of a listview (in VB.NET) just by using Add and Remove methods; I eventually found that I must use something like this:
    mylistview.items(i).subitems.items(j) to access element (i,j) of the listview array!! :roll:
    Very tricky... In VBA I just had to use listview.list(i,j) !![hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]

    I already checked the option for automatic subscription! Indeed, the checkbox at the end of post/reply form is checked. But I didn't receive notifications for first replies, although I received them for these new ones.... :roll:

    Don't know, maybe I discarded some emails...

    Re: Fill MultiColumn Listbox With Part Of Array

    Quote from norie


    Firstly this is an Excel forum not a VB Express 2005 forum.:)

    Sorry, it's not yet very clear the difference among VB, VBA, VB.Net...


    So any answers would assume you were using Excel VBA, where there is a List property for listboxes.

    Also you actually appear to be dealing with a listview control not a listbox.

    I switched to listview once I saw listbox was not suitable...

    Re: Fill MultiColumn Listbox With Part Of Array

    There's no "List" object in listbox, in VB Express 2005!

    I found this method:

    For i = 0 To ProgCount2 - 1
                Dim lvi As ListViewItem = MainForm.lstProgrammi.Items.Add(FilteredPrograms(i, 0))
                lvi.SubItems.Add(FilteredPrograms(i, 1))
                lvi.SubItems.Add(FilteredPrograms(i, 2))
                lvi.SubItems.Add(FilteredPrograms(i, 3))

    off topic: why arent replies notifications sent to me by the forum??? I subscribed this thread!!

    I have a multicolumn listbox, and a multidimensional array.
    I want to put just SOME values of the array into the listbox, but I ger errors using both .list or .column to access single items, and even using .additem . Excel Help... does not help at all!

    I have:
    dim variable(2000,2) as string
    variable(1,0)="aaa": variable(1,1)="bbb": variable(1,2)="ccc"
    variable(2,0)="www": variable(2,1)="awasd": variable(1,2)="asdfa"
    variable(2000,0)="www": variable(2000,1)="awasd": variable(2000,2)="asdfa"

    I don't want to store all 2000 elements, just some ones: how can I do it?!?